Tuesday, October 21, 2008

JBoss AOP 2.0.0.GA Released

JBoss AOP 2.0.0.GA has been released. It can be downloaded from here, the full release notes can be found here, and the updated documentation can be found here.

A lot of bugs have been fixed. Amongst all the new features, a few deserving special mention follow. A new weaving mode which allows before/after/throwing/finally lightweight advices has been introduced. The new weaving mode also allows more granular dynamic aop. It also integrates with the JBoss MicroContainer, which is in the core of JBoss 5, meaning that aspects are now being used in the core of JBoss 5! There is also some support for interception of access to array elements.

As usual the whole team has worked hard towards this release, but thanks to Flavia Rainone for working round the clock in the run-up to the release and to Ståle W. Pedersen for helping out a lot despite being on paternity leave. Finally, thanks to Paul Gier for helping move our build over to use Maven.

Upcoming features in the short term are a nicer way to add dynamic aop constructs, and an understanding of the OSGi classloaders in JBoss 5.

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