Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just Java 2007 - Brazil

I'm glad to announce that my submission to Just Java 2007 Conference (a Brazilian Java conference) has been accepted!

All Just Java 2007 attendants are invited to join me on October 5th, 15:30h, to participate on my presentation entitled "JBoss AOP: Tópicos Avançados de Programação Orientada a Aspectos" ("JBoss AOP - Advanced Topics on Aspect-Oriented Programming"). I wold like to thank Kabir for kindly providing me material for this work.

Besides, we will have several other interesting works on JBoss (a raw English translation is provided in parentheses):
  • "JBoss 5 e as novidades do Application Server Opensource Lider do Mercado " ("JBoss 5 and what is new on the Market Lead Opensource Application Server") - Edgar Silva
  • "Produtividade com o framework JBoss Seam e o RedHat Developer Studio" ("Productivity with JBoss Seam and Red Hat Developer Studio") - Givanildo Santana do Nascimento
  • "JBoss Rules: Mudando as Regras do Jogo" ("JBoss Rules: Changing the Rules of the Game") - Edson Tirelli
  • "JBoss: EJB3, JMS, JMX e Schedulers " ("JBoss: EJB3, JMS, JMX and Schedulers") - Leandro Lima
  • "JBoss Cache - Distribuido, transacionado, alta-performance POJO cache"("JBoss Cache - A distributed, transaction-enabled POJO Cache") - Marcio Augusto Paes de Moraes
  • "JBoss: Uma avalanche de Soluções Open-Source para SOA" ("JBoss - An avalanche of Open-Source SOA Solutions") - Edgar Silva

People interested in AOP might also enjoy the following:
  • "Spring AOP no ambiente corporativo" ("Spring AOP on enterprise environment") - Eduardo Issao Ito

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